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Great News and Good News

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Nov. 6th, 2008 | 07:07 pm

I've not had access to the internet since before the election, so I'll likely be the very last to jump on this bandwagon: but, still, I've never been so proud of, nor felt so at home in my own country as I have since 11:00 Tuesday night.

In news of considerably less importance, I started my job on Monday, so I'm coming to the close of the first week. The training process is extensive. I won't even start transitioning into my actual responsibilities until the Monday after Christmas. It's all classroom and supervised practice sessions till then. Still, the people are great, and the work (such as it is) is hardly burdensome. Also, in late December, when I really start, I get a 10% pay bump and another 10% for working the night shift. I'm guardedly optimistic about the whole undertaking.

That's it really. All I do now is go to work, feed the cat, and sleep.

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